Experiencing a personal injury often weakens one’s sense of security and stability. Feelings such as fear, confusion, worry, and depression, are all symptoms of trauma. Many people think there are no options after their insurance deadends. I am here so that does not have to be the case. I have handled cases in both state and federal court systems, providing me with valuable knowledge and experience as an accident lawyer. I can help you.
Personal injury can occur in any situation where one party has failed to prevent harm. This can be as simple as not putting up a caution sign for uneven or wet floors, or a construction defect or building malfunction. In all cases, the state of Florida defines serious personal injuries as incidents that result in significant loss of a body part or function, permanent injury within medical probability, significant scarring and disfigurement, or death. Each of these scenarios causes not only physical injury but can also have long-reaching aftereffects such as financial hardship, grievance, and significant change or loss of social and professional relationships.
A catastrophic personal injury usually requires a lifetime of medical treatment. A favorable ruling by the courts can help provide complete compensation for medical costs as well as compensation for any pain and suffering incurred by the accident.


More than one person can be held responsible for personal injury. If this is the case, you may be compensated by all parties involved. These cases are more complicated and require experienced counsel, such as myself, to yield the highest compensation possible as a result of the suit.

Types of personal injury cases include:

The proof of personal injury caused by harmful or defective products differs slightly from other personal injury cases. Florida law states that companies have what is called strict liability. What this means is the company is obligated to make absolutely certain their products are safe. If the product in question was clearly harmful and/or defective, you may receive compensation for the personal injury that occurred as a result of using the companies product.

Are you partially to blame for your injury?

If you are partially to blame for your injury, you may still have a case. According to Florida’s comparative negligence law, if the opposing party is less than 25% responsible for your injury you can only receive compensation up to $200,000. The exact percentage of blame on the opposing party will directly impact the highest compensation you are allowed to collect as a result of your case.
At the end of the day, each personal injury case is unique. Given my vast experience with a variety of different personal injury cases, I am well positioned to serve each of these unique circumstances with expertise and success. If you have been in an accident and need a personal injury attorney in Weston, Florida — or any surrounding areas — I have the knowledge and experience that can help yield an outcome for your case that is favorable for you and your loved ones.
Personal injuries can be a very sensitive subject. Discretion and reassurance for my clients are a top priority. Accident lawyers often focus solely on the outcome of the case with very little concern or empathy for their clients’ personal needs. My goal is to be better and to truly understand my clients’ needs. With this goal I am better able to serve my clients with that empathy; it allows me to see beyond the numbers and really give the proper attention to each clients’ legal and personal needs. To be a great personal injury attorney means I go above and beyond the average lawyer to serve my clients.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me regarding your injury.


If you have been in a catastrophic accident or have experienced a trauma that has left you with a physical injury, do not hesitate to get help. Personal Injury cases can yield high compensation that can cover medical expenses, grievance compensation, and other costs related to your accident. Your health and well-being are important, and you should be compensated so you can recover and get your life back. Call the Pestcoe Law Group today and see how we can help.